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v1.4 available
Add version update notifier Fix typo...
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Monetize your game with cryptocurrencies
v1.3.2 available
Fix message logging in non log mode...
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Monetize your game with cryptocurrencies
v1.3.1 available
Whoops! A little error caused the script not to load in C3, this is now fixed! I also removed jQuery dependency for a lightweight plugin...
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v1.3 available
Add support for silent mining Add support for runtime mode switching I assumes no responsibility or liability for the use of the software and strongly suggests...
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v1.2 available
New option to detect if user is on mobile/tablet or on pc New option to check if the user have opted out in the last x seconds...
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v1.1 available
This version support most of the CoinHive features It also includes support for Construct 3! I've added a video that explains how to correctly configure the plu...
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